Welcome to AllergyWise for Pharmacists

Welcome to the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s AllergyWise course for Pharmacists.  This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to effectively support patients / customers with severe allergies.

The course focuses on the medications and treatment of sufferers of severe allergy . These patients / customers are likely to need considerable support in order to feel confident in dealing with anaphylaxis, and the course will empower you to give them the help they need.

Many people with severe allergies have other allergic diseases as well, and these need to be optimally managed, particularly asthma. In addition, adrenaline injectors will be prescribed and therefore they may seek advice and support in their use. Allergies can impact on many other aspects of the sufferer’s life. For example, whether they can have immunisations, whether they can use the contraception of their choice, whether it is safe to use medications for other specific conditions and whether they can travel abroad and eat out with friends. Allergies can also affect their career choices.

By the end of this course, you will have much of the information needed to support patients / customers with allergies. You will also be able to signpost them to other resources which may be useful.

Completion certificates can be purchased for £5+VAT if required, on successful achievement of the final course assessment pass mark.