Get in position

If you have any symptoms of anaphylaxis, stay where you are. You should lie flat with your legs raised to help blood flow back to your heart and vital organs.

If you are struggling to breathe, you may need to be propped up, but this should be for as short a time as possible.

You must avoid any sudden change in posture. You must not stand up, or sit in a chair, even if you are feeling better. This could lower your blood pressure drastically, causing your heart to stop.

Use your Adrenaline Auto-Injector

Anaphylaxis can come on very quickly.  As soon as you suspect anaphylaxis you must use one of your adrenaline auto-injectors (AAI) without delay.

Don’t wait to see how bad it is, or whether it will get worse. If in doubt, use your AAI.

Your AAI should be given into the muscle in your outer thigh. It can be given through clothes if necessary, avoiding bulky pockets or seams. Specific instructions vary by brand – always follow the instructions on your device.

Get emergency help

  • right_arrow_orange_icon Immediately after using your first AAI, call 999 or ask someone else to do this for you.
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Ask for an ambulance and say this is an emergency case of anaphylaxis (ana-fil-axis).
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Give clear and precise directions, including the postcode of where you are.
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Make a note of the time you used your AAI.
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Use your second AAI after five minutes if you get worse or there’s been no improvement.
  • right_arrow_orange_icon REMEMBER – Whilst you are waiting for the ambulance, stay where you are and do not stand up, or sit in a chair, even if you are feeling better.