Anaphylaxis UK is dedicated to supporting people affected by allergies. To help guarantee the availability of ongoing funds and future sustainability to pay for this work, Anaphylaxis UK aims to maintain a broad base of different sources of funding. Wherever possible, Anaphylaxis UK will seek to secure unrestricted funding which at least in part supports core costs.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure clarity and openness to all our stakeholders and third-party organisations.




Anaphylaxis UK commits to:


  • Act with due care and attention
  • Act with integrity
  • Act to further the charitable objectives of Anaphylaxis UK and ensure there is no compromise of the charity’s reputation and independence.
  • Be open and transparent about its funding sources



Anaphylaxis UK actively seeks opportunities to work together with external organisations and individuals to achieve shared objectives. However, it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow any external partnerships to bring the name of Anaphylaxis UK into disrepute.


Anaphylaxis UK therefore accept financial support from, and partnership working with, companies and individuals on the following conditions:


  • There are strong groups for believing it will result in a benefit to people living and affected by severe allergies
  • The Chief Executive and Trustees are satisfied that no adverse publicity with result from accepting such support
  • There is no attempt on the part of the company or individual to influence Anaphylaxis UK policy or actions either explicitly or implicitly.
  • That initiatives do not compromise the independent status of Anaphylaxis UK


Cause Related Marketing, Affinity Marketing and Product/Service Endorsement


Endorsement of products/devices/apps related to our disease areas will be assessed by the Senior Management team who will seek medical advice to inform their decision-making. Services, i.e. insurance etc will be assessed by the Senior Management team on a case by case basis with analysis of the merit of the service as well as risk attached. With lower value relationships these will be similarly assessed for merit and risk but with any endorsement only extending to the value of the purpose of the product/service rather than the individual product itself.


  • Anaphylaxis UK will not promote any products or services knowingly linked to severe food or other allergies unless published research is proven to have benefits
  • Only Anaphylaxis UK will have direct access to our database, patient groups and beneficiaries
  • To ensure that all our cause-related promotion reflects our charity’s values, any potential initiative must come to the Chief Executive and relevant governance committee for approval


Avoidance Criteria


Anaphylaxis UK will not accept donations from any party whose activities and business practices are considered unlawful or unethical or may cause harm to the work of Anaphylaxis UK.

Anaphylaxis UK will not accept funding or support from any party whose activities are in competition to the work the charity, does not support the aims of the charity or seeks to gain commercial or moral gain as a result of the funding.


Acceptance Criteria


When deciding whether to accept any donation, the Chief Executive and the Trustees have a duty to demonstrate to the Charity Commission that they have acted in the best interest of the charity, and that association with any donor does not compromised Anaphylaxis UK’s ethical position, harm our reputation or put future funding at risk.


Anaphylaxis UK complies with all relevant legislation including money laundering rules, the Bribery Act and Charity Commission guidance, including terrorism and political activity.


Anaphylaxis UK therefore would not accept any of the following where the donation


  • Was known to be associated with criminal sources
  • Would help further a donor’s personal objectives, which conflict with those of Anaphylaxis UK
  • Would lead to a possible decline in support for Anaphylaxis UK, and so risk a fall in the resources available to fund our work
  • Would otherwise significantly damage our reputation




Anaphylaxis UK will undertake to communicate this policy to all its stakeholders. Any use of corporate logos will be carefully considered, and no undue prominence will be given.


Consistency with Anaphylaxis UK objects, independence and reputation


Anaphylaxis UK priorities and programme of work is informed by what is in the best interest of its members, volunteers and the wider severely allergic community. Anaphylaxis UK will only undertake work which is consistent with its agreed programme and priorities for any given year.

Anaphylaxis UK will always retain complete editorial control over any published material, work programmes events and meetings, regardless of who has funded them.

Anaphylaxis UK will not endorse or promote specific products or services, or lobby for them in a commercial way and will seek to ensure it is not acting in a way that could give the appearance of favouring any commercial interest of the funder. Collaboration with third parties on campaigns, lobbying or calls to action will only be undertaken if they alight with Anaphylaxis UK’s own priorities and values.

The UK logo and name are copyrighted and may only be used by a funder or support with the explicit permission of the charity and must be approved before being used.




We comply with the Charity Commission and UK law in every respect, including those regarding openness and honesty with our supporters and members of the public. A copy of the latest Annual Report, which transparently shows how our income is generated and spent, is available on our website or can be requested directly.

Anaphylaxis UK adheres to all legal requirements and professional standards set by the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice.

We do NOT take part in reciprocal mailing agreements, employ third party fundraisers, utilize cold calling and share any identifiable personal data with third parties.

We retain member and supporter data for six years after the individual/organisation’s last interaction with the charity unless a request for data deletion is requested.

We respect the privacy and contact preferences of all donors and respond promptly to requests to remove or amend details from our internal, secure database.


Use of donations


If supporters wish to make a donation to a specific area of Anaphylaxis UK’s work such as our support group programme or helpline, they may make a restricted donation by providing written instructions to this effect with their donation. In the instance that we cannot respect this, we will inform the donor and come to a mutual agreement on the use of the donation.