Press Release: Thousands of people across the UK set to raise awareness about severe allergies on Orange Wig Day

Press Release: Thousands of people across the UK set to raise awareness about severe allergies on Orange Wig Day

  • 17 May 2018
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Orange Wig Day, taking place tomorrow on Friday 18th May 2018, is the biggest and brightest day in the annual calendar of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, the only UK wide charity solely focused on supporting people at risk of severe allergic reactions.

Over 1,300 people from across the UK will be wearing distinctive orange wigs on the charity’s national day of anaphylaxis awareness. Many schools and workplaces are also organising dress-down or ‘wear orange’ days to raise funds in aid of the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

Anaphylaxis (pronounced ana-fill-ax-is) is a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction that can be fatal. Severe symptoms such as a swollen tongue, difficulty breathing or becoming unconscious usually develop suddenly, often within minutes after being exposed to an allergy trigger such as a particular food, latex, insect stings or certain drugs. There’s no cure for anaphylaxis, so people at risk have two options: manage their condition and carry adrenaline, a life-saving emergency medication.

In the UK up to 7 million people have allergies severe enough to require specialist allergy care and over 650,000 lifesaving adrenaline auto-injector devices are prescribed each year to people at risk of severe allergic reactions, demonstrating that greater awareness about this common chronic disease is vital.

Carey Ledford, Fundraising Manager at the Anaphylaxis Campaign, said:

“The idea is simple, inclusive, and remarkably effective in raising awareness of the seriousness of allergies and risks of anaphylaxis. We want people to have fun and at the same time open a dialogue about allergies and how the Anaphylaxis Campaign can help individuals with allergies, their families, and the people who care for them.”

Lynne Regent, Chief Executive of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, said:

“A lot of people don’t understand the severe impact that living with a severe allergy can have on daily life, so we’d like to thank the thousands of people who are taking part for helping us to raise awareness. We receive no government funding and rely on key fundraising events like Orange Wig day to enable us to continue our vital work to support people living with severe allergies, such as through our national helpline and volunteer-led local support groups.”

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