The Anaphylaxis Campaign is celebrating 25 years of supporting people at risk of severe allergies

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is celebrating 25 years of supporting people at risk of severe allergies

  • 08 January 2019
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In 1993, Co-founder David Reading tragically lost his daughter Sarah at the young age of 17. She had not been previously diagnosed with a food allergy but was being treated for Asthma. Minutes after eating a dessert containing crushed peanuts, Sarah became unwell, began wheezing and said her mouth felt funny, she collapsed and died within minutes. Wanting something positive to come out of this traumatic experience the Anaphylaxis Campaign was formed in 1994 to bridge a gap in the lack of awareness about how serious food allergies can be.

25 years on and David Reading is still very much involved with the Anaphylaxis Campaign. Our charity continues to grow and provides support and advice to individuals, parents, carers, the food industry, the education sector, health professionals and other key audiences. Our ultimate aim, which has not changed over the years, is to create a safe environment for all people at risk of severe allergic reactions, focusing on the medical facts, food labelling, risk reduction and allergen management. This cannot be achieved without your support and kind donations.

With this in mind, we would like to say a big thank you to all our supporters for helping us to continue this vital work.

What we do

  • Provide a National Helpline and information services, providing advice by
    • Telephone: 01252 542 029
    • e-mail:
  • Establish and run local Support Group meetings with our volunteer Support Group Leaders
  • Provide free online training for families, individuals and carers and tailored online training for healthcare professionals such as school nurses, first aid trainers, GP’s and Practice Nurses
  • Campaign to improve allergy services within the NHS, workplace and educational environments
  • Provide information through our Knowledgebase and Factsheets for everyone to gain a better understanding of allergens

Through your support and  donations you allow us to continue this vital work.

We are looking forward to another 25 years of supporting people at risk of severe allergies.