Flora Buttery – Change of recipe alert

Flora Buttery – Change of recipe alert

  • 10 November 2020
  • Milk

Product name: Flora Buttery

Flora Buttery spread has had a recipe change and now contains buttermilk.  This mean the product is no longer suitable for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents.  

The product packaging has been updated to reflect this change and the ingredients list and packaging correctly reflects the new recipe. However, we have received concerns that this change could be missed so we would like to highlight this information to milk allergic consumers. The image below shows the older packaging underneath and the new packaging on top.

Further information

Following the recipe change, the packaging now includes buttermilk highlighted in capital letters in the ingredients listing in compliance with allergen labelling regulations.

There is also a ‘front of pack flash’ on the lid of the product which states ‘Blended with Buttermilk’

Buttermilk has only been added to retail packs of Flora Buttery. The 2kg catering packs supplied through catering channels have not had the recipe changed. Other Flora products including Flora Original and Flora Light and Flora Plant B+tter are vegan and certified as dairy-free.

We would always advise that you check ingredient labels every time you purchase a product as recipes can and do change.