Dr Boaz Gaventa


Dr Boaz Gaventa has multiple severe food allergies and asthma. Boaz has used his experiences with personal allergies and exposure to healthcare early in life to inspire him to pursue a medical career. He has particularly enjoyed learning new ways to communicate the challenges and methods of dealing with allergies. To the public, he has done this through interviews for Sky and BBC news and attending Free-From shows on behalf of the Anaphylaxis UK (previously Anaphylaxis Campaign). He has also been advocating in Parliament for the allergic patient.

To the medical field, he has presented at several national and international allergy conferences about his experiences and ways of living a full life with allergies.

He has also been involved with allergy studies, both as a patient and on steering committees. Additionally he was involved with a NICE diagnostic advisory committee early on in his career.


Boaz is a young trustee with a wealth of personal experience of allergy and is very keen that more people with allergies get a chance to live a full and fulfilling life without allergies holding them back.