Achieve our Anaphylaxis UK Allergy Aware School award 

Achieve our Anaphylaxis UK Allergy Aware School award 

  • 01 November 2022
  • Schools News

We have launched our new Allergy Aware School 2022-2023 award to recognise and reward schools across the UK committed to raising allergy awareness with staff and pupils. 

It is estimated that 1 in 50 children in the UK has a nut allergy and it is likely that every school classroom has at least one pupil with an allergy.  Anaphylaxis, the most serious allergic reaction, usually begins within minutes and can be life-threatening. We encourage a whole school allergy awareness approach as this is the safest way to manage pupils with allergies in school.  

Anaphylaxis UK Allergy Aware School 2022-2023 status will be awarded to schools who meet the following criteria: 

– All staff (minimum 20) complete our AllergyWise for Schools (including certificate) online training course 

– Deliver our allergy awareness resources to pupils in school 

– Purchase spare adrenaline auto-injectors for use in an emergency 

– Have a policy in place for managing allergic pupils in school 

This award, supported by an educational grant from ALK, is to celebrate schools who meet the above criteria and promote a whole school allergy awareness approach. Awarded schools will receive a digital certificate and a digital logo to use on their website and letterheads. The award is not an endorsement or accreditation of the school’s allergy management policy and does not mean the school is 100% safe or free from any allergen. 

Tracey Dunn, Headteacher and Anaphylaxis UK Education Ambassador said:  

“A whole-school approach to allergy management equips all staff with the skills they need to not only be able to manage an emergency situation but also to ensure that they have the knowledge and understanding to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all children.”  

Think your school meets the criteria to achieve our Allergy Aware School 2022-2023 award? To register your interest or for more information visit: Allergy Aware School | Anaphylaxis UK 

For information and best practice resources for schools visit our Safer Schools Programme webpage here: Safer Schools Programme | Anaphylaxis UK 

For information about our AllergyWise for Schools online training course visit: AllergyWise for Schools | AllergyWise