Allergy Therapeutics and Imperial College London start Peanut Allergy Study

Allergy Therapeutics and Imperial College London start Peanut Allergy Study

  • 06 January 2021
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Allergy Therapeutics PLC – Sussex-based biotechnology firm focused on allergy vaccines – Initiates peanut allergy biomarker study with Imperial College London to confirm potential of novel peanut vaccine candidate. The study aims to evaluate the novel virus like particle based peanut allergy vaccine candidate, to confirm its hypoallergic potential and its potent immune response. Submission of an application to the US Food & Drug Administration for study is expected in 2021.

Allergy Therapeutics said its peanut allergy vaccine programme was supported by a “strong” preclinical research package, providing preclinical proof of concept for sustained immunity and protection against peanut anaphylaxis after a single vaccination.

It said that importantly, in contrast to current treatment approaches such as desensitisation via oral administration or transdermal patches, which required daily dosing over several years, it was expected that its next-generation VLP-based peanut vaccine candidate would use three injections to induce sustained protection.

“A safe and effective short-course peanut allergy vaccine would be a significant breakthrough product, offering life-changing benefits to sufferers affected by this condition. The data we have generated so far for our peanut vaccine candidate give us confidence in its potential and through this study we have an opportunity to build on that confidence and provide our upcoming Phase I study with the greatest chances of success,” says Chief Executive Officer Manuel Llobet.