Anaphylaxis Campaign reaches out to ethnic communities

Anaphylaxis Campaign reaches out to ethnic communities

  • 20 July 2015
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On Tuesday 10th September, we held an evening meeting in conjunction with the Food Standards Agency to raise awareness of and highlight specific foods used by the Indian community that have been linked to allergy causation and how best to deal with them.

Chick peas, daals, lentils and even fenugreek [methi] can cause allergies and we have seen rising rates of allergy incidence in the UK's ethnic communities over recent years.

The meeting, held at Wembley Sanatan Hindu Temple, featured talks and practical advice on treating allergies and long term management of the condition. It discussed support structures for allergies in UK and the recent sharp increase in allergies within ethnic groups, in particular in the Indian sub-continent.

Speakers featured:

Mandy East, who also organsied the event on behalf of the Anaphylaxis Campaign said, "The meeting was really well attended and the speakers brilliantly received. We'd like to thank everyone who participated, engaged and made this meeting possible, especially the team at Wembley Sanatan Hindu Temple."

Anaphylaxis Campaign Membership Manager Carey was also in attendance and said, "It was great to reach out to commuities beyond our usual catchment. We want to spread the word that help and support for those affected by severe allergies is available no matter who you are or where you are."

Due to the success of this event, the Anaphylaxis Campaign are in talks to run similar meetings in a number of different locations, so watch this space. 

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