FSA releases statement on peanut contamination in soya lecithin

FSA releases statement on peanut contamination in soya lecithin

  • 23 May 2022
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The Food Standards Agency has released the below statement following its investigation into peanut contamination in soya lecithin:

“In response to a small number of concerns raised by people with peanut allergy relating to contaminated soya lecithin, the Food Standards Agency is advising that there is currently no evidence of unsafe food having been placed on the market.

“The FSA has been urgently working with businesses and local authorities to investigate the issue and is reassured that evidence provided by industry to date suggests that the incident has been controlled.

“Food Standards Agency Head of Incidents, Tina Potter, said:

“‘Following FSA and Food Standards Scotland guidance, retailers acted quickly and responsibly to carry out their own food safety risk assessments and hold products until they could be sure they were safe.

“‘All the information we have so far received from businesses indicates that no unsafe food has been placed on the market, and we have received no reports of allergic reactions linked to this issue.

“‘We will continue to work closely with key partners and industry to establish a clearer picture and will provide further updates should there be any change to our understanding.

“‘My advice to those with peanut allergy is to continue to closely follow precautionary allergen labelling on products as you normally would and sign up to our allergy alerts so you can be notified in the event that any product recalls are later undertaken.’

“It is important that those with peanut allergy take extra care to avoid consuming products labelled with precautionary warnings that they may contain peanut, or may contain nuts, while further investigations are carried out.”