University and Allergies: Q&A with Youth Ambassador Dan Kelly

University and Allergies: Q&A with Youth Ambassador Dan Kelly

  • 08 September 2020
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As new and returning students prepare for university, the Anaphylaxis Campaign has worked with allergy blogger Dan Kelly to bring together students’ most pressing allergy-related questions for a special Q&A video.

Students going to university are often managing their allergies on their own for the first time and learning to cope with new challenges, for example, living in shared accommodation and eating and drinking out with friends.

Last month the charity invited new and returning students to send in their questions for the Q&A with the aim of alleviating some of these pressures.

As a graduate of The University of Huddersfield, Dan knows what this experience is like and has helped to address these concerns in the video which is now available on the Campaign’s website, YouTube and Instagram channels.

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Dan Kelly became the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s Youth Ambassador earlier this year to help support the charity’s work with young people living with severe allergies. Dan is also the founder of May Contain, an allergy blog and podcast helping to raise awareness.

Dan was named the youngest ever graduate to be included in The University of Huddersfield ‘Alumni Roll of Honour’ List in July.

Commenting on his involvement in the video, Dan said:

“Going to university with an allergy can be quite nerve-racking. It was great to partner up with the Anaphylaxis Campaign to do a Q&A and share my top tips of going to university with an allergy. It is so important for the student to always bring up their allergy to their new housemates. When moving into halls/new flat I remember worrying what people might think. The students were so understanding and wanting to find out more about my allergy.”

The Campaign has also developed a booklet to help support students with allergies which includes advice on preparing for university, information on eating out, an adult allergy action plan and general tips.

If you need advice about allergies, the charity’s Helpline Team is available to provide support Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Please call 01252 542029 or email