Want to find the best places for allergy-friendly dining and travel?

Want to find the best places for allergy-friendly dining and travel?

  • 20 July 2015
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We understand that getting out and about when you or a family member has a severe allergy can be daunting. You can end up feeling so stressed worrying about whether you can trust a place to understand your needs that it can be overwhelming and easier to just stay home.

That’s why the Anaphylaxis Campaign has developed a system exclusive to members for sharing your experiences, through our brand new member review directory called ‘Tried & Trusted’.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to  input your reviews of the very best (and very worst) restaurants, pubs, airlines and hotels with regards to their allergy understanding. You’ll tell others about your experiences and giveeach location a star rating according to a range of criteria, includeinghow accommodating, understanding and savvy establishments were with when it came to your allergy requirements. Other members can then log on and browse these reviews. If you don’t agree with what you see, you can add your own review and make your opinions count.

This system of sharing and rating experiences will make it easier to find somewhere the whole family can enjoy to eat out, celebrate an occasion or go for a weekend away. And remember, these are reviews of places Tried and Trusted by people like you – who better to tell you where will accommodate your allergy than those who have tried it and know you can trust it!

The system will be available to access via our website from the afternoon of Friday 1st March 2013, so check it out and let us know what you think!

Not a member yet?

What are you waiting for! Get signed up and access all these great reviews plus much more for only £17 per year. Tried & Trusted joins our existing package of membership benefits:

  • Outlook – our members magazine
  • e-Newsletters with all the latest up to date information on the allergy world
  • Product alerts and recall notifications via text and email to keep you informed on what’s in your food
  • Discounts on allergy-friendly products
  • Most importantly – the knowledge, support and guidance to manage severe allergies with confidence!